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Just In case you missed it - here is our latest video Raincoats Sketch.

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This is a little thank you for all your support and patience throughout the last couple of years. It’s our first tentative venture into releasing our music through our own label Lucky Records, and we’re excited by the prospect of going it alone. We have an EP to follow on the 4th of July and our album Faster than Turtles to be finally released through Lucky towards the end of August.
We’ve set up a pay-what-you-like link through Bandcamp where you can download Raincoats and all our new One eskimO music to follow.

Follow this link to download Raincoats: http://oneeskimo.bandcamp.com/releases

Hope you all enjoy it! And once again, thank you all for your support.

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Well, you can say what you like about One Eskimo - one thing you can’t accuse us of is bombarding you with marketing tactics and publicity stunts.

In an ever-changing, lightning-fast world of likes & retweets, hype & pluggery, electronic PR and media skulduggery, we’re up there with Lord Lucan on the self-promotion front.

Anyway, despite all this, we do have a fully-finished album that’s been residing in the hard-drive of our hermetically-sealed bunker in Brixton, London for some time now. We just haven’t worked out how (or with whom) to release it yet, as Shangri la music closed a couple of years back now, but we’re working on it and thank YOU, benevolent fans of music, for your patience beyond the call of duty.

We’ve all been rather immersed in various other projects too – Kristian has been meticulously plotting the launch of his London-based-venue-restaurant-cultural-hangout space, and working on new material (more on this as it happens).

Alongside his usual Eskimo duties, Craigie’s been fortunate enough to work on several film scores recently in between numerous production roles.

Adam has been playing drums for various people - mainly Dido and Babyshambles of late - and has also been happily ensconced in his little recording studio in London. In fact, he’d be very appreciative if you were to take the time to like and befriend it:

www.facebook.com/wandsworthstudios and www.twitter.com/WandsworthMusic

Lots more to tell – we’ll keep you informed as to our progress. We love the album we have made and really can’t wait to get this all on the road. We really do hope we have more news soon.


Good news everybody!

Warner Bros have put all the ‘One eskimO’ animations from the first album ‘All Balloons’ for free for you to enjoy on their new youtube channel. Pretty nice to see us sharing a legit WB channel with Green Arrow, Terminator and Halo 


Just wishing our good friend Nathan Erasmus @GravyFilms some good luck on
his current project… a 90 minute animated feature in 3D called Roze and
the Robots. For a while now, Nathan has been working on this beautiful
piece, and I have been lucky enough to watch his work in progress…  now
everyone can catch a glimpse on
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21967363 Check it out! and good
luck buddy! Not that you need it

Hometime animation developed & produced by Kristian Leontiou and Gravy Media finally back on Youtube 2013    

One eskimO on BBC Radio 6.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r2rpm  

Nitin Sawhney takes to the 6 Mix for a two hour audio journey…playing some of our favourite music by some of our favourite artists.. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Radiohead’s Nude, Burial, fly lo, Sufjan Stevens, Massive Attack, Hendrix, not to forget one of One eskmO’s oldies chocolate…

Great playlist Nitin.. Lovin it! tune in for two hours of great music.. love, eskimO 

One eskimO and Nitin Sawhney’s video blog.. down the tail

One eskimO kites

One eskimO and Nitin Sawhney in Radio Times 

So our journey continues…

After getting back from the States last February we spent the rest of the year wandering about… working on the album, getting our live show and sound together, and dare I say somewhat missing being on the road. I do miss some of those drives we had, those cities that became our home away from home through those few years, and of course some of the friends me made along the way. Looking back, maybe memories of driving through the rockies and barbecues in the desert aren’t so bad. Somehow these memories now seem to outweigh those of our bus breaking down day in, day out in the baking heat. Having to wash our clothes and shower in random grubby highway trucker stops, with some trucker peering over your shoulder asking if you need help using the shower - I definitely don’t miss everything!

Anyway, moving on… as we do. Over the next few months while we master the new album and finish developing the live show, we’ll be posting some new songs and some video blogs taking you into the studio and showing you around.

We’ll also be posting some live videos, interviews and alternative live versions of songs from the new album, and letting you know of any popup gigs we might be playing in preparation for our upcoming tour.  

Faster that turtles, coming soon

stay tuned.

One eskimO

One eskimO sunny day